The National Professional Development Center on Inclusion (NPDCI) is working with states to ensure that early childhood teachers are prepared to educate and care for young children with disabilities in settings with their typically developing peers.

By bringing together the leaders within a state who provide professional development related to inclusion to groups as diverse as child care providers, Head Start teachers, pre-kindergarten teachers, preschool disability specialists, higher education students, and family members.

Inclusive Classroom Profile

The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP) (Soukakou, 2010) was developed in response to a lack of validated instruments designed specifically to measure the quality of inclusive practices. Find out more about the ICP and access a report of preliminary validation findings: The Inclusive Classroom Profile

Evidence-Based Practices to Support Inclusion

Locate resources to support inclusion through the use of evidence-based practices organized into 4 sections: Why Do It? (the evidence-base), Read About It (books, chapters, and articles), See For Yourself (videos and demonstrations), and Find It Online (websites with additional resources). Quality Inclusive Practices: Resources and Landing Pads