The Landscape: A Statewide Survey for Providers of Professional Development in Early Childhood (Survey)

Author(s) or Presenter(s): Buysse, V., Hollingsworth, H., & West, T.
Publication Date: 2011

The Landscape was designed to help state agency administrators who need information about what is happening in early childhood professional development (PD) activities across various sectors. The purpose of the Landscape is to gather information that will produce a descriptive landscape of PD in early childhood in a state across multiple sectors. The intended respondents are providers of continuing education (in-service) PD—those who provide learning opportunities and support for practitioners (the learners) who already work directly with young children (birth to 8) and their families. The information gathered by The Landscape can be used to describe who the learners are, what professional development content they receive, and how learners acquire core competencies and get support to apply what they learn in practice. For more detailed information about the Landscape see:

Tools for Planning Cross-Sector Professional Development in Early Childhood: FAQ.